Witness Tree Drumsticks
Harvested from "The Battle of Gettysburg"

A limited number of Commemorative sticks are available from the 2013 Peter Guibert TREK Reprise. 

In 1913, unlike 50,000 other veterans who took free train passes, 74th PA drummer Peter Guibert marched from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg for the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the epic battle.

Newspapers along the route noted Peter's entertainments with his drum. On June 13th, The Gettysburg Times stated that 70 year old Peter was the first veteran to arrive after having marched 200 miles over the mountains from Pittsburgh. He provided an entertainment in front of the City Hotel (now the James Gettys), and for several weeks was hired at Walter's Theater as a "Master of the Martial Drum." On June 26, Peter was listed as the warm up entertainment for the premier screening of the silent movie epic, "The Battle of Gettysburg."

In 2013, 70 year old Jim Smith followed in Peter's footsteps using Peter's 74th PA drum. As in 1913, the TREK Reprise took nineteen days including numerous stops for entertainments at schools and city squares. Weather conditions in 1913 are not known, but the Reprise included six days of rain. In 1913, Peter was accompanied by a younger friend, 62 year old John Conroy a veteran of the Indian Wars. Jim was accompanied by fellow USN Vietnam veteran, 62 year old Ray Zimmerman

. Throughout the TREK, Jim beat cadence and Honors for Old Glory upon Peter's relic drum using sticks that had been turned from trees that witnessed the epic July 1863 Battle. Most of the Commemorative sticks were sold during the TREK to support the endeavor/ memorial to Field Musicians. The remainder have been stored until now and are discount liquidated.

The wood was harvested legally and certified by LTCOL William Hewitt USA from three different sources identified as Wheatfield Tree, Longstreet Tree and Brickyard Tree. Sticks were turned using patterns from originals in the George Carroll Collection. Circular bands on each stick identify the tree source and weight of the stick (Heavy or Medium Heavy). Dots on the butt identify an estimate of "playability/durability"....1) Select 2) Field grade or 3) Souvenir.

Sticks were matched, Serial Numbered and used throughout the TREK. A log was kept to record when and where each pair was used. A Certificate of Provenance accompanies each pair.

They don't make Witness trees any more, and when these sticks are gone......

$75 Total per pair includes packing and shipping within the USA.

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 "...Go, take your Drum and BEAT IT !"