11/20/20..... "STAND-BY!   ATTENTION ON DECK!"
More drums similar to those already listed will continue to be inventoried over the Holidays...though at a slower pace....and released in coming months. In the meantime --- a collection of Civil War Musicians Swords (all makers from 1847 through 1865) will be listed... including some with original scabbards. There are also several "wrist breakers" and specialty swords, sabers and USN cutlasses...including a pre-WW1 George Patton designed Cavalry Saber with original scabbard and attic dust!

And "Thank You" for continuing to make, and find Good Homes for these wonderful old relics.! It has been my privilege to collect / share / enjoy / restore -- and use these historic instruments in their natural environment on the field, in camp and on the march. It is my belief that in the absence of compelling historical provenance, it is good and proper to restore instruments like these to their condition when last used "and put away wet."

Like old violins in modern Symphony Orchestras, these old drums deserve to be heard and enjoyed as they were used for hundreds of years with natural skin heads, gut snares and natural rope --- in any weather. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but for nearly 40 years, I have used old drums in rain, sleet, snow and blazing sun --- with little adverse effect to the instrument.... but requiring attention to the 'feel' of the head and adjusting the attack.

As 88 year old Peter Meitzner of the Waterbury CT Mattatucks advised me in 1963, "....boy, throw away your rubber practice pad --- just use an old pillow or a folded up Army blanket!"
In Spiritu Ancientum     Jim Smith