15 JANUARY 2022


Seems like only yesterday that we took a hiatus from the Salt Mine at Old Drum Repository .,,,,,we've said farewell, "....Fair winds and following seas" to some old friends who shared the Trip for many years ....and welcomed aboard a few new recruits. Thus, with time and space permitting --- and your patience, I would like to share a few images occasionally in our bi-weekly updates.

Speaking of which, --- today I had the pleasure of wishing birthday greetings to my daughter Lisa who was born in Japan and at 4 years of age was "impressed" into service with the Boarding Party of the Ancient Mariners of Japan at our first performance in Yokosuka / Yokohama on July 3rd, 1976. Four years later she joined her cousin Shelley Warner as a bell-ringer for a performance at the historic Bedford Springs Hotel and Old Bedford Village in Pennsylvania. For those of us who grew up in 'drum corps'.....you know where I am going with this, .....history and civics were merely part of our daily lives and often have remained so. Some of us have pursued the Art all our lives in varying degrees and for varying lengths of time. (Something like Joel's "time-share" CW Stratton Tuba....constantly on the road between California and PA)---Others have re-discovered the Art after retirement--- which is good, and far better than after demise. To which Tom Schneller just added, "...Amen.....just keep the story short and get to the drums!" "....Oh, and by-the-way, be sure to mention the Washington Tattoo!" (And Dave Loyal's traveling 'Historic Drum Display.')

To which Mark Reilly might add, "....it's all about the SOUND!" And in case you missed it, the U.S. Army Old Guard Civil War Field Music marched its' first Gettysburg Remembrance Day parade just two months ago. Hearty Congratulations to Mark, Jeb, Emily and the rest of their excellent musicians!

True confession....

Now, some people refer to our music as "...living History" in the same vein as infantry reenactors who create "smoke and noise --but without the lead".....however, I must beg to differ since we endeavor "...to bring History to Life" by performing original music while using original instruments. (And I recall that most wonderful sound of Peter Bahler's 1710 upright string Bass.....blended with my old 1930s vintage 36" Leedy bass drum (with original skin heads) and the Tonawandas Legion Band. It is all about the SOUND!).....

And thus, I am truly pleased to note the number of old friends and new friends, who are making homes for these treasured instruments from the Old Drum Repository and putting them back to work. Anyhow,-- Joel, Patrick, Lisa and I have been plotting a few adjustments to our Adoption Project. For instance, we are looking at a 'Spring 2022 SALE' (maybe like a 'Dutch Auction') as well as a few organization changes to the website. And of course rededicating to the inventory so as to include blades, images, horns, accouterments ......and perhaps even a 'drum corps/band camper van.'

So, now to the bottom line and fine print: with January being the first month of 2022, -- we start with a 10% Discount across the board on everything not on hold or sold & waiting shipment....then in February a 20% Discount across the board.....then in March.....

...but first I am supposed to mention the remaining 'Witness Tree Drumsticks' from the 2013 Peter Guibert TREK: there are several dozen left,---- mostly Medium Weight in all Grades, while a few Heavy weight sticks remain in Field Grade and Souvenir Grade. And I am supposed to mention that once these sticks are gone......... 

Select Grade ...........$65 includes shipping .
Field Grade .............$55 includes shipping .
Souvenir Grade.......$45 includes shipping

OK, OK....January is half over.....so we shall increase the Discount to 15%, --- but it is time for me to sign off with a sincere Thank You and Best Wishes for 2022!

Jim Smith